Undefeated and National Champions?! Uh, Not So Much.

Story by: Steve Tressler

steve@realliferadio.com Real Life Radio 1380/94.9 fm

November 4, 2013

LEXINGTON – Did you ever get the sensation you know what’s gonna happen before it does?  Some might call it a premonition.

Well I have an eerie feeling that ‘The’ Ohio State University will win the last BCS national championship over Alabama. The final score?  Let’s go Buckeyes 27 and the ‘Crimson Tide’ 25.

I agree with John Clay when he says that the Kentucky Men’s Basketball team will not go undefeated. Yes, these Cats are good, yes they’ll go deep in the tourney, yes I believe a final four is not out of the question, but no they will not go undefeated. Kentucky Men’s basketball final record 37-4 and NCAA National Runner-Up.

The NCAA Champion, oh wow, don’t know how to say it nicely, DUKE. Ouch!

Kansas and Ohio State will also be in the final four.

Pretty cool to see Boston win the world series after a couple of idiots ruined the marathon last spring.

Even better that, sorry Dick Gabriel, that the St. Louis Cardinals didn’t win!

NBA Finals this year?  Thunder vs. Heat – Heat repeat, gag.

Craig Skinner and the UK Volleyball team are close to a national title appearance if they decide to play hard through the WHOLE remainder of the season.

And finally a prediction; the Cincinnati Bengals will make it to the AFC title game ….and lose.

Joke of the week: Do you know why Snoop Dogg carries an umbrella?

Fo’ drizzle!

You know you loved that!

Oh well – we’ll see…….






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