Got a message for Ryan Harrow from us Kentucky Guard Soldiers in Africa!


By Steve Tressler –


Dear Ryan Harrow,

As Soldiers, and that goes for all US servicemembers, we know what sacrifice is. We know what pain feels like. We know what loss is. We also know what loyalty is.

Because of this, as Kentucky Guard Soldiers, and for the most part here in Africa, Kentucky Wildcat fans, we will support you and the Cats in the NIT.


Funny, I saw the interview of you after the loss to Vanderbilt and watched as you blamed yourself for the defeat.

What you should be told, and probably have been told, is that no one person can be blamed for the loss in a team sport.

This isn’t bowling Ryan. And if you’ve been told it is YOUR fault, then the person telling you that is wrong.  Got that? Wrong.

The Soldiers here in Africa enjoyed watching the Cats all year long and we’ll tune in to the game against Robert Morris as well.

But know this Ryan, you did your best, just like the Soldiers and servicemembers and their families do everyday, and for that reason alone, you are not the reason the team lost. We got your back #12!

On a separate note, it’s just basketball.  Be the good MAN that your mom and dad want you to be in life, that’s what truly matters.


The Kentucky National Guard Soldiers here in Africa (that are Big Wildcat Fans)

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  1. Mark Jones says:

    great note! makes me proud to be from KY. keep up the good work in AFRICOM. looking for Ryan to be part of #9 next season

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