Who is the best UK Quarterback of All-Time?

Here is the scenario; Kentucky has the ball on their own 30-yard line and their is 2 minutes remaining in the game. They trail (you pick the school you’d love to beat and imagine it here, for me Tennessee) 26-20.

Who is under center that could win the game?

Babe Parilli

Derrick Ramsey

Bill Ransdell

Randy Jenkins

Freddie Maggard

Pookie Jones

Antonio O’Ferral

Glenn Fohr

Rick Norton

George Blanda

Billy Jack Haskins

Dusty Bonner

Tim Couch

Jared Lorenzen

Randall Cobb

Andre Woodson

Mike Hartline

Morgan Newton

Shane Boyd

Jeff Speedy

Or whomever you choose that was a former QB for the Wildcats.

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7 Responses to Who is the best UK Quarterback of All-Time?

  1. Nick says:

    Blanda or Couch.

  2. Bill Clark says:

    Babe Parilli

  3. Brett says:

    Ramsey, Ransdell, or Woodson.

  4. kentuckycat says:

    Woodson is first choice.

    Bonner second.

    Couch third.

    Didn’t Hartline pull it off against a solid Arkansas team a few years ago?

    I understand Parilli, Blanda and Ramsey are candidates but all before my viewing time.

  5. McLovin says:

    Anybody but Hartline – blah!

  6. Gary Ratliff says:

    Rick Norton

  7. Andy says:

    From the good old days, Ramsey is my first choice–Ransdell is a close second.

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