A little about the BBVA Compass Bowl – RIP DARRIN NICELY

The PapaJohns.com Bowl marked the return of post-season football to the city of Birmingham, which previously hosted the Dixie Bowl from 1947-1948, the Hall of Fame Bowl from 1977-1985, which Kentucky went to in back to back years 1983-84 (Kentucky beat Wisconsin in 1984 as a 4 point underdog) and then it became the All-American Bowl.

The SEC has played in one BBVA Compass bowl and lost. South Carolina lost 20-7 to UCONN January 2nd, this year.

Who plays Kentucky in this game – would you like to see Louisville?

If not then who?

Darrin Nicely

Darrin Nicely

This blog is dedicated to the memory of my friend Darrin Nicely.


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5 Responses to A little about the BBVA Compass Bowl – RIP DARRIN NICELY

  1. Steve says:

    UL would beat UK by 30!!! I say stay home and skip a bowl. Oh yes, I forgot, we can practice under Steve Brown for 5 more weeks and make it 13 straight games of terrible defense!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. bigbluebomb says:

    I think they should not even go to the bowl game at all. I know it means alot of extra practice and that will help for next year however we have been playing in bowls now for several years and the practices are supposed to help yet its the same ole 7-6, 6-7 every year. Are the practice really helping or are they the players getting burned out? I went down to Birmingham for the Hall of Fame bowl when they got smacked by West Virgina…It was a missrable day.game and venue to play in. I would never go back and I think there are alot of folks who normally travel who will not go to Birmingham for the what, Compass Bowl…LOL. Its Basketball season and were good. If I thought Cobb was not going to go pro I might watch on TV but he is gone and I am Sad, Good luck Randall…GBB

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