Billy Gillispie acted like this after the Tennesse win


An absolute gentleman.

I should know, I saw him immediately after the Tennesse game.

He really elicits a range of emotions from fans. More so than any UK coach I can recall from any sport.

Billy Gillispie.

Just say that name at the restaurant/bar I work at and you’ll get a range of emotions.


Driven to win.


Fantastic hire.


Talented coach.

And of course, the young lady who waited on him said ‘cute.’

Well, I got to see the coach just a few hours after the Tennessee win on Saturday at my restaurant and here’s what I saw.

A gentleman.

I mean it. An asset to the university.

Forget the half-time interviews.

I mean ESPN doesn’t even tell the coach their being interviewed when they come running up and get in the coaches face. Did you know that? They run up as the coach goes to the locker room and his brain is going through what he needs to do to coach his team to a win and they seem to ask the obvious.

After the game, here’s what I saw.

He was approached no less than 10 times in a single hour for autographs and pictures from fans and employees alike, and he obliged every single request, smiling.

Even leaving his chair to stand up for pictures.

And when the 6-year-old approached for the autograph. He treated the kid like his own nephew or neighbor.

Not smirking. Smiling.

No cameras. No reporters.

Although I did see Matt May as well. He wasn’t taking any notes. It looked like he was looking at the games stat sheet though, possibly preparing for another good column of his.

Coach G sat quietly with some friends watching the end of the Maryland/UNC game.

Nothing to eat. Just a glass of water and plenty of taking care of Wildcat fans and their unending requests.

You have your opinion. I watched up close with an examining eye, and now I have mine.

Let him coach and let’s just see what happens.

Or you could just tell me what you really think of the coach?

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13 Responses to Billy Gillispie acted like this after the Tennesse win

  1. Brent says:

    Great article! I do think Gillispie is a great coach. I have always liked his fire and I think his hard nosed way of coaching and taking players out just like that will pay off in the long run. I think it is now. Where did you say you spend most of your time writing? I love your stuff…

  2. Bill Johnson says:

    Finally someone who has a GOOD COMMON SENSE approach to KY basketball and Coach G. This is the best piece I have seen in the H/L in years. I thought that all decent writers had moved to Tim-buck-too or somewhere. Jerry Tipton, John Clay should take some lessons from you.

  3. UK89 says:

    Enjoy your articles and keep good work! Great game last Saturday and hope they would keep playing like a team and winning with team effort. I do believe Billy G deserves at least four years to prove he can coach here or not. Go Cats!

  4. oldkentucky says:

    Great article. We have the perfect coach for Kentucky basketball! He is a winner and his teams will win bigtime!!!

  5. Jeff says:

    This “rumor” isn’t likely to catch on because it doesn’t talk bad about him.

    Thanks for the article.

  6. Dave says:

    This was just awesome.

  7. shavit says:

    Ever since the hub-bub started about the interviews i’ve wondered what I would do if someone came up to me, stuck a microphone in my face, and asked me a stupid question midway through a bad day at work. I’m fairly certain i wouldn’t be very kind, and it is reasonable to bet that i’d let it slip that it was a piss-poor question.

    for example, say someone from one of the local “action news teams” comes up and asks me: “so on that last cross examination, what were you thinking about when you should have asked such and such question? how are you and your team going to adjust to make up for your lack of focus and a swarming defense strategy?”

    My reply: WTF? Has the verdict come down? What kind of stupi ….

    you get the point. In any case, i’ve wondered about the alternate perceptions of Billy G, and have tried to filter out some sort of coherent personality, so i do thank you for offering another piece to the puzzle. I will say that the one (very brief) time i met him, he seemed incredibly polite, and amazingly patient with the folks coming up around us looking for autographs and what not while we spoke.

  8. Terie says:

    Nice article. I love hearing things like this about Coach G.
    I love his passion & I think he was born to coach here. If he can just get his system working, all of us may be able to relax. :)

    He certainly isn’t boring, or predictable, but I have always been able to see that he’s a gentleman

  9. Sheila says:

    I had the privilege of attending the UK/UT game and stayed for the radio show afterwards. When Coach Gillispie was done, a lady in the stands said something to him, I don’t know what, but he replied to her he was going to sign autographs for the fans waiting on the sideline. There was easily 200 people still waiting. This was close to an hour after the game was over. Seems like a nice guy to me.

  10. B Bass says:

    It was a nice article, but as an objective UK fan living in Alabama…….UK has become somewhat a joke around here…I’m glad that Gillespie is a nice person, but that doesn’t mean he has the ability to coach at UK……….UK should cut their losses and get someone who is more suitable for UK

  11. George Neal says:

    So he was great in the resturant, why does he not have a rotation patttern. why does he play PORTER and Harris, he has NOT developed Liggins, Galloway, Miller and Harrelson, these are his GREAT recruits, BCG shines when he knows he has to be good. He will never succeed at UK, recruits are watching our program, does not speak well for UK.

  12. Chad says:

    Maybe UK’s AD will read your article and have some influence. I’m all for Coach G. I didn’t like losing to South Carolina the way we did and I blamed the coach for that. But he said that it bothers him too. Basketball is all he has and it matters most to him.

  13. Skip Cowell says:

    Give the man (Billy G) a chance…..4 years min. He is a good coach and I believe he is well suited to Ky. He hasn’t even completed 2 years and people are yelling for blood. Dumb!! Fire a coach like Billy G. after only 2 years and who would want to coach at KY???

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